Admission Forms

A complementary thirty-minute interview and evaluation is required prior to admissions in advance of boarding. Please contact Amber Courtyard to schedule your pet’s evaluation. All dogs must be in good health and six months or older with all puppy shots completed and current tick/flea prevention. See Policy & Requirements below.

All dogs being registered for boarding, daycare, grooming or any Amber Courtyard service must have proof of current rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccination at the time of check in.

Please feel free to download the following forms to assist you at check in, or we can fill them out together when you arrive.

  • Introduction Registration
  • Service Agreement
  • Statement of Authorization
  • Pet Profile
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Check-In Reminders

Acceptable Overnight Guests: Small or toy dog breeds, over 4 months old, weighing up to 25 pounds, in good health with current vaccinations. Acceptable Daycare Guests: Same as above, but must also have social skills, be non-aggressive, and pass testing by our staff.

1. You must provide us with a formal vaccination record or receipt from a licensed veterinarian before boarding or daycare – Rabies (RV): annual or 3 years per veterinarian. Parvo-distemper (DHPP): one year booster + 3 years thereafter. Bordetella or Canine/Kennel Cough (BV): every 6 months.
2. We can only accept healthy pets: no diabetics, serious illnesses, contagious viruses or diseases, etc. 3. Pets found to have fleas or ticks will be treated before boarding at owner’s expense. 4. Pets with a history of aggression or separation anxiety cannot be accepted, nor can pets in heat or those requiring special care. We can administer oral or topical medications with specific instructions under your direction. 5. For the benefit of all participants, it is mandatory that all guests participate in our wellness program (rates and specifics are covered elsewhere).

We work very hard at Amber Courtyard LLC to give your pet a caring, stress-free and safe stay. However, not all pets react the same when separated or change environment. For non-emergency situations we will contact you or your designee to discuss proper care. In case of emergencies requiring urgent care or evaluation, we will transport your pet to an appropriate animal clinic immediately and then contact you. Costs not covered by our Wellness Program will be billed to you upon check-out.

1. Amber Courtyard LLC is a suite only facility with no cages except as temporary lodging for early/late check-ins or check/outs if required.
2. We allow multiple pets from the same family to occupy the same suite at a discount. 3. We do not allow pets from different families to occupy the same suite for pet safety reasons. 4. We may limit pet owner access to the boarding areas for safety or other reasons and they must be accompanied by one of our staff members. 5. We do not charge a damage deposit but you are liable for any significant damage your pet may cause beyond normal wear and tear.

“No-shows” and Cancellations
During “peak time” which includes weekends, June & July and holidays, “no-shows” and cancellations less than 48 hours prior to their reservation time will be charged 2 days of boarding for a single pet in a reserved suite. During non peak time “no-shows” and cancellations less than 24 hours prior to their reservation time will be charged 1 day of boarding for a single pet in a reserved suite.

Abandoned Pets
If a pet is left for over 14 days after termination of the boarding contract and the contract is not extended (we are unable to reach you and you do not contact us) your pet will be considered abandoned. Amber Courtyard LLC will then begin to find your pet a new home while complying with Chapter 70 of the Texas State Property Code. The boarding contract will be extended and charged to your credit card at the normal boarding rate until a suitable home is found for your pet.

So that we may continue a safe and secure environment we reserve the right to refuse services to any individual or pet if we so choose.

Should you have a claim under this program you must submit it to us within 10 days from the departure date with signed documentation from your veterinarian certifying that the illness or injury could not have been caused by activities of your pet since leaving our facilities nor was it part of/or caused by any pre-existing or genetic condition.